Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More crosses

This is what I have been working on- another little panel- they measure 10" x 16 "- this time I lined the crosses with lime green and you can see the bottom quarter hasn't been stitched yet. The stitching completely alters the way it looks.

I have been too excited today to do much work- we may be going to live in France next year for at least 6 months, possibly a year- the place has enough space for me to teach workshops if i want and to hold an exhibition, and I have been there before so know what it holds. There is still a lot of discussing to do- but keep your fingers crossed for me. Australia is a great place- but the arts are really on the bottom rung of anything here - king sport rules all- and textiles ranks even lower. After my very happy experience at Centre European du Patchwork in Narbonne, I feel I need to go and do this to at least try something else because I don't earn enough for us to survive here. Plus, whilst the place we are going to ,is considered isolated- it is nothing compared to the southern end of the world and three hours from Melbourne. We will be three hours from Paris! ,and half an hour from one of the great wine and gourmet regions ( yes I do like food- a lot!) and I like the exclamation mark in the lower case . Plus I already have quite a lot of teaching lined up next March and April so I think we will be able to hold out. We will rent out our house here- so if anyone wants a sojourn in a great nature region close to the ocean in a recycled wooden house ( and it is no palace-and it does come with a lot of fruit trees and rather large vegie garden) let me know. Posted by Picasa


Brenda said...

How exciting Dijanne! Fingers crossed for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, ooh! I hope that the tree hours are in the direction of the Alsace and Germany! I'd love to come visit and take another workshop with you :-) Fingers crossed!

Claire said...

Wow, very exciting possibilities! Here's hoping it works out.

Emmy said...

that is so wonderful for you I hope you make it in france ,
heel veel geluk

Olga Norris said...

You've stitched yourself a magic carpet. Bonne chance!

Felicity Grace said...

How fantastic! Fingers crossed for you - you really deserve it!

Sue said...

I really love this body of work - great colours, textures and resonances.
Maybe if you are in France we will have the chance to meet in person, stitch together and see what we can do to change the injustices in this world.
Exciting times for you - how do the children feel about this impending change?