Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whirls and swirls

Finally my fabric has arrived for dyeing- but it is too late to start now as it is after four and it gets dark at five thirty on this the winters solstice. I shall have to do it tomorrow.

I have done very little this last week- kids are on school holidays so we went up to my mothers via Melbourne. Dropped into Zartworks and bought some painting things but at the moment am feeling a dirth of inspiration. Everything I look at seems bleah, and my mood matches it- I feel as if I will never think of another idea.

So I completed this little lutradur piece I had painted before I went away- just to go through the motions and to try and get back into the thinking and sewing habit.
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Claire said...

Hi Dijanne, Nothing worst than feeling like you will never have a good idea again. But I reckon once you have some new fabrics dyed up the inspiration will come back :-)

Maybe it is time for a series or something, something to get your teeth into.

Best wishes

Nic Bridges said...

Love that piece, even if you were just going though the motions...

Lily said...

Oooh that's gorgeous - especially the blues. I just love those electric blues - my favourite colours.

I'm sure once the mayhem of school holidays is over and calm returns so will the creativity.

marion said...

Delicious. So what are you going to make when you get in the zone???

kay susan said...

Well, it was a very productive exercise. I love the way that blue stands right out.