Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Stitch

I have been putting together a propsal for teaching in Palestine later this year at the request of the Sakakini Arts Centre. I am aware that there are only four sewing machines available to use and I suspect they will have limited capacity to free machine. I wish i could source some machines but then getting them into Ramallah will have its own difficulties if things continue as they are. However one of the things I have been looking at is stitching and cross stitching in particular- as the cross stitch embroidery of the region has cultural significance.

That lead me onto thinking about the stitch. I have long been drawn to textiles by the stitch ( i used to do a lot of knitting making up things as i went ) much more so than the structural possibilities of weaving. I think I am drawn to the stitch for its mark making as well as its texture making possibilities . I particularly like the running stitch though am very drawn by cross stitch possibilities- especially when it has been done free form as it appears to be on the Syrian dress I purchased( which was on the blog awhile ago)- the slight irrgularity lending to its charm. I want to experiment more with ideas about the stitch . I am finding lutradur a good medium with which to experiment- it is strong enough to carry heavy weight thread without stretching the actual fabric. So here is some of the stitching I did today.
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Digitalgran said...

I look forward to seeing what you come up with Dijanne. I studied Palestinian Embroidery for my C and G in Machine Knitting. I love their crosstitch designs.

Sue said...

Beautiful stitching and colours, Dijanne. You are such an inspiration.

Nicky said...

Me too, I look forward to see what happens about the Palestinian cross stitch.. I love their dresses, they are so rich and beautiful. Hope you have a great time there. It really is a beautiful place despite the politics.