Monday, June 12, 2006

Public Holiday Monday

Everyone is home today as it is the Queen's Birthday weekend , and yes that is the English Queen's birthday , though her birthday is actually on another day. I decided to go and be a tourist in my own region, so Ynez my youngest daughter came with me. We live close to the coast ( about 45 minutes) and just a bit further west is spectacular rugged coast line known as the Shipwreck Coast due to th enumber of sailing ships that came to grief there in the nineteenth century- often with a great loss of life.The first collage is of the limestone sentinels standing in the sea known as the Twelve Apostles ( and to keep the theme British it once included London bridge as well but it collapsed in 1990)- only eight of the twelve apostles remain (though i could only count seven today)

The light was great for photographing today- though it was quite cold. I enjoyed the picture of the bird sitting on the wildlife refuge sign. In the second collage there is a black swan- actually it was a pair of swans with three cygnets- but they were just a bit too far out of photo range. I included it because we do not have white swans like in Europe- our swans are black and just as graceful and perhaps a bit smaller. Oh and of course nothing is complete without some graffiti. Posted by Picasa


Digitalgran said...

We had a rare visit from a black swan here in Wales a few weeks ago. Could it have flown all the way from Ausralia? I doubt it! I suppose there are black swans nearer to us than that.

smarcoux said...

and that is winter in australia ?