Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tie Dye

Tie dye Posted by Hello
This is a piece of fabric I tie dyed some time ago. I have used it in a quilt as well as in a bookcover . I have been trying to dye the soft licheny coloured background since then, in order to do some more of this fabric but of course it has not been happening. I need to infuse some enthusiasm into my system to to make at least a couple of small works before I go away, but sometimes it is hard to do something every day, although I try and do something creative every day even if it is only to dye some fabric.Today was just, a put some fabric in the dye day.
Here are some websites for the Tutors from the Murrumbidgee Summer school, Leeza Silverman, a beader and Scott Harrower a mosaicist.

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Anonymous said...

the piece of tie-dye is awesome!