Sunday, January 16, 2005


Creativity and Fire Posted by Hello

I shall be away the next week, without much internet access so this will be my last entry until next week. I am going to teach at the Murrumbidgee Summer School in Wagga Wagga, which is not all that far from the place we first went to when my parents immigrated to Australia in 1965- Jerilderie. I am rather looking forward to having time off from the lace or the need to even think about it much- there are still a few bits of hand sewing to do, but the pieces are all substantially finished and I will install them during the week. I am very interested to see what the shadows will be like- for when properly lit the shadows on the wall will be as much a part of the whole as the lace itself. I am also looking forward to teaching and getting others to "fire" up so to speak. For me fire is always a metaphor for creativity- I know it can be a dreadful thing, and we do live in a region which has many high fire danger days, and several times fires have come close by, but I used to love sitting in front of the open fire when everyone had gone to bed and watch the flames leap and the embers glow- I used to dream of poetry in those days and kept a poetry journal of sorts. So happy creating for the next week- I am taking some other hand work with me.

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