Friday, January 14, 2005

More Lace

"dutch" lace Posted by Hello
This piece of lace is the companion piece for the "Australian " lace. The written squares contain little fragments of how my Dutch childhood was different to my Australian childhood- or the things that were different. There is 54 squares of handwritten lace that i did on the machine. Funny thing was when I was putting this together I had no idea in which order the squares were- having dropped them several times and repacked them in their little box- but on the day i was putting it together the very last square was "Tomorrow we got to Rotterdam and emigrate"- it took me by surprise and is perhaps a serendiptous event! I wanted the effect for this piece to be watery, because Holland is without doubt about water whereas Australia is without doubt about land. I also learned to write on Claire Fontaine paper- so each of the squares has been gridded like Claire Fontaine paper- ie pages ruled into little squares. I still covet this kind of writing paper and buy some each time I go to france where thankfully they still use it.

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Nicky said...

Looks very pretty. I would love to see the detail - it sounds wonderful.