Thursday, January 13, 2005

Cactus Flower and Blackwood

The centre Posted by Hello
Yesterday this amazing flower opened on a cactus we have in a pot. It was just amazing- the flower was almost half the size of the cactus- and the flower was about 8 inches across. I just can't get over nature producing such miraculous things. I think Georgia O'Keefe would have enjoyed seeing the throat of this flower. The colours are beautiful and in a way it is like an imaginary landscape in white with a lemon tree.
I also love the seed pods of the blackwood tree- the bright orange and black eyes appeal to my need for orange.
Oh well back to the lace making. Tried dyeing with some woad but the colour is not strong enough. It was some of the woad dye I bought at Lectoure last year- so have opted for the procion. And for those who asked - how am I making these- I can't tell you exactly just yet, but you are on the right track. But I will divulge in a little while!

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