Friday, January 28, 2005

Mud Cloth

Mudcloth Posted by Hello
I love African textiles and the mudcloth on the left I purchased from Maggie Relph last year and the other is a scarf I bought in Belgium. I would really love to get a piece of kuba cloth one day too, but kuba is expensive. There is an African artefact shop in Brussels where I saw some wonderful ones- so one day.... Some time ago I visited Leslie Gabrielse with a dutch friend and apart from his wonderful work, he had a set of architects drawers and he had some wonderful examples of African textiles in the drawers. Talk about green.....
I depart for England next Monday where I will be attending the Spring Fairs with an exhibition called Two by Two- two works by eleven Australian and New Zealand artists. I shall also be doing teaching around the place.

Oh and those of you who have asked about the lace- I am not quite ready to divulge yet( i will)- but I use the Riso printing system ( also know as gocco), which is a reasonably simple way of transferring photocopied images onto a screen and printing and of course I am using tulle- in a method that is not so new after all- the Belgians were doing it in the nineteenth century I discovered to my surprise yesterday.Just goes to show there is nothing new under the sun- and how quickly some things and skills get forgotten .

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