Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Make or Break

Fabric card Posted by Hello
Today is my make and break day. Finally Collin has taken the kids to the beach for a day- so I get a stretch of a whole day to work without constant interruptions and squabbling and organising food- well not until tonight that is. So first thing is to dye the silk I printed yesterday with a letter in my grandmother's handwriting- I printed it in gold and looks really elegant- she had a very even neat hand. Then I want to foil some net in my handwriting as counterpoint. I don't know whether this will work, but it's now too late for it not to work- and that will be #8 done once it is stitched. If I can get going on that by late this aafternoon, I can get it finished tonight.
The card above actually contains real guinea fowl feathers- I placed contact plastic for fabric over them, so that kept them in place, and then sewed. And the tiger lily in my garden has finally come out- the plant is taller than me this year and I just love the flowers- but then I am an orange freak!
Next Sunday I go to Wagga to teach at the Murrumbidgee Summer School at Charles Sturt University. I will also install my exhibition whilst I am there at the HR Gallop gallery which is part of the Visual and Performing Arts School at the university.

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