Tuesday, January 25, 2005

If Hundertwasser Had Lived in the Otways

If Hundertwasser Had Lived in the Otways Posted by Hello
I made this quilt last year to enter in the Husqvarna Viking contest
but did not get it finished in time. The 2005 entry forms are available by following the links I have given. I love the art work of Hundertwasser and am particularly intrigued by how he uses lines of colours to create much of his imagery. Whilst i did not use lines of colour as such I used lines of stitching, in coloured threads and stitched most lines several times.
Back to writing the catalogue for my lace exhibition which is taking longer than I thought it would- as each piece of lace has a story to tell.It is sometimes strange how creating work changes and then comes back to the starting point but in a different form. I wanted to tell the story of migration and dislocation , made a hand made book in which to write the story as I could not think of it in any other way at that moment- so it became narrative, I then thought, no I don't want to do narrative, I really want to use imagery, and now find that really the imagery I have used is telling narrative though the story widened in the process to stretch back to 1570 and to perhaps stretch into the future.


arlee said...

Oh. i love that piece!!! Very evocative too, in a sense, of your lacework, with the shapes and spacing. How big is the finished work?

Leeza Silverman said...

What a wonderful way to be exposed to artists I have never heard of!
Keep posting more pix of your work so I can drool all over my keyboard in anticipation ;-)

Diane Perin said...

I love this quilt. Very bright and evocative. Thanks for sharing it!

Melody Johnson said...

I am crazy for Hunderwasser and refer to his work often for inspiration. Yours is a wonderful quilt, and I love the landscape with floating elements (leaves?) above the surface. The color is so beautiful and it helps to know that you dyed it too, I believe. I am indoors freezing and your Aussie hot summer is so inviting. Best wishes on your continued success.

Nicky said...

Great quilt. Love the colours and the imagery. One of my fave artists too.

Elle said...

This is a beautiful quilt!