Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Little Owl


I am finishing up my notes and exercises for the on-line linocutting course I have been teaching and one of the things I wanted to do was create a fabric steel book ( sample book) Trouble is a lot of the linocuts I created were all different sizes , so finding the right sized page to fit those sizes on was creating a bit of a headache- until this morning. I made an owl lino-cut for the course and decided I would make a Little Book of Owls. So this is one of the "samples" for the Little Book- transfer dyed and printed and stitched on lutradur.This little owl measures 5x 7 inches- large postcard size.

Have to go to Sydney tomorrow to meet Fiona from Creative Arts Safaris- we are putting together the dreamblocks for a trip to Syria in May next year and a Arts & Craft inpsired tour of England in August next year. Fiona will lead the tours and I will hopefully inspire you to be creative! .
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lyle said...

dijanne, I love your little owl. I carve stamps too and owls have been one of my challenges. it would be fun to see the original cut! thanks lyle