Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lino-cut Landscape



The first image is a drawing I made about 7 years ago of a sort of fantasy landscape, which I have always wanted to make into a quilt- but somehow never got around to it. But as I am teaching the on-line linocutting class ( and there are still 2 places for the course starting 14 August) I have been scouring my line drawings for making into lino-cuts as examples. I am really pleased with the way this landscape turned out- the line drawing really lent itself to being reinterpreted into lino.

And Nicole pointed out to me that The Jumeiux Cathedral post was in fact not Jumieux but Jumieges Abbey, which Victor Hugo considered the most beautiful ruin in France. The other photo is of a very picturesque village house in Jumieges..
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