Thursday, July 09, 2009



I have been quiet- life has gotten busy and I have been desperately trying to finish my quilt so that I can send the entry to EPM Concours. The photo is of a snippet of the quilt- can't really show you the whole- but I did use the three colours of the flag- just changed them into a much nicer red and blue!

We have also started our on-line lino cutting course and that has been fun.Developing the work for the course has been a good exercise- it has really pushed me to look hard at design, which is not a bad thing!I will definitely be doing another on-line course starting sometime in August- I already have a waiting list.

And on another note- Fiona Wright from Creative Art Safari's and I have been working/dreaming on a tour we will do in August 2010 of England and Belgium inspired by the Arts & Craft Movement. The design elements of the movement fit in nicely with the lino-cutting work I am doing) So I am also looking at the philosophy underlying the movement- revisiting John Ruskin ( whose work I so briefly encountered when doing my masters)I love researching things- it fulfills the intellectual side of doing.
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Virginia said...


Can I go on the waiting list for the next lino cutting course please. Eliz tells me you're planning another one later in the year.



Anonymous said...

blij te horen dat je volgend jaar naar belgie komt
kijk er naar uit
ann vanherle

Judy said...


There's a wonderful vibrancy about this small betail of your quilt look forward to seeing it all further down the track.

Beena said...

Gorgeous "snippet" of your quilt. Can't wait to see the post of the whole piece.

Clare W said...

Wow - do let us know when you are in England - I hope you visit William Morris places and of course Rennie Mackintosh up in Scotland.

Kaufan wow gold randy said...

Nice blog. I liked this blog.

Alison Schwabe said...

I love the texture you've achieved, Dijanne, which without plagiarising in any way references some of the dot paintings by indigenous artists, imho, and so to me it has real aus outback character. I too look forward to seeing the whole work some time.