Friday, July 24, 2009

Waterways:Colombo Creek


I finished the quilt in order to enter it into the Ozquilt art quilt thing- got everything ready and then saw the exhibition dates-the exhibition does not finish until 17 December, and by That stage we may already be overseas- and we certainly won't have a fixed address.The quilt measures 52 cms by 127 cms long and is whole cloth stitched silk. It is for sale if you are interested for $750 US.

The inspiration for this piece is waterways of my childhood. Colombo Creek was near the station ( large large farm) where we lived - and on hot summer evenings we would go down there and take a splash- the creek wasn't really that deep and the waters were black with tannin form the gumleaves. You had to be careful for snags ( submerged branches) and the leeches were always there so we always took salt with us.We also saw a snake taking a dip one day too- but somehow that didn't deter us- guess it must have been hot! I am an air sign but am also the water carrier and I am always drawn to rivers and creeks ( and way back when canals) much more so than the sea. I wonder what state Colombo Creek is in these days- does it still run?
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smarcoux said...

hi Dij
Nice piece ... its amazing how the fabric is all one colour but because of all the heavy stitching you would have thought there was a mud colour on the piece.. wow ... how many hours were you working on that piece?


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful in concept and execution.

jude said...

sorry, that was me, jude.

Vicki W said...

It's beautiful!

Robbie Payne said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Nothing more to say!!

Jill said...

absolutely stunning - a wondrous piece of work.
Jill (SFC)