Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Linocutting

I reproduce this image with the permission of:
The Sion Tapestry
Reproduced with the permission of Historisches Museum Basel - Inv.-No. 1897.48.

I have been working hard on my lino-cutting course- trying to make as many examples as I can to illustrate what I have written. The notes are starting to turn into a book at the rate I am going- who knows I may make it into a book!. There is still a couple of places available in my next course starting on 14 August if anyone is interested. Course price is $30US and comprises of three lessons delivered in two weekly intervals. The first group have made some wonderful work already, and their enthusiasm is very infectious! Thank you!
Some of the work can bee seen at the Jolly Good Yarn Blog and at Robbie's Pawprint blog

I did however want to share the Sion textile with my blog readers. Most of you have probably never heard of this textile but it is said to be the oldest European printed textile and was found at Sion in Switzerland, though it is believed dto have been made in Venice. it is a large fragement measuring about 2 metres and this small section shows a few of the blocks that were printed-the piece is two coloured and the imagery represents the Eoedipus cycle. It dates from the second half of the Fourteetnth century. It is now housed at the Historical Museum in Basel but sadly won't be on display this year or in 2010- I asked! I found it in a book I purchased some time ago called the Origins of European Printmaking.I have given a link to Book Depository Co- they are a British company who supply books worldwide and the shipping is free!! I have never had a delivery take longer than 7 days- so am a very happy customer.


Sojourner Design said...

Hi Diane,

Your online workshop sounds interesting. Is there a link to a site with more information about it? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Where is the link to the class?

T said...

Hi Diane
I would love to do one of your lino cutting courses, would it work with just dial up speed. Or are you going to run an actual course that is not online?
Love your work.


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