Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Teapot


For Sale $45 US including postage.
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I forgot tomention in The Wattlepoint post that if you click on the image a large image will come up.

And I wanted to share two projects that two friends in different parts of the world are involved with that will help disadvantaged and poor people. You can also help!!

The first project is being planned by Laura Liebenberg from Belgium in conjunction with the city of Essen called Colours of Africa , to create an installation of A4 quiltlets to be auctioned at a textile event in Essen in 2010 to help raise money to create a safe play centre for children living in a shanty town in South Africa. The deadline is 1 December 2009- so please if you have the time use colour as your inspiration to send a small quiltlet ( A4) size to help build an installation to help children have a safer place to learn and play .

The other project is called Iraqi Bundles of Love- and has been organised by Kristin la Flamme's husband-he was stationed in Iraq- and as a way of leaving more behind than war memories, he is co-ordinating a project to help women in Iraq have parcels of fabric and sewing notions to make things with- and the project has now expanded to include knitting.So if you ar ein anyway inclined to help with this project check out the blog for the project- it is a very worthwile project to help women be able to make things (maybe we should send such bundles to the pollies as well- help them understand that building bridges is more important than destruction)


Robbie Payne said...

I received my TEAPOT the other day, Dijanne, and I LOVE, LOVE it!!! It's hanging in my sewing area to give me my daily dose of INSPIRATION!! It's beautiful!!!! I did send in my IBOL package (also posted on my blog). A worthy cause for sure!!!

LC said...

Your quilts are wonderful. Thanks also for posting this information about quilting projects. There is no end to ways we can help others!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I've sent 6 boxes to IBOL now ~ warms my heart to know those fabrics that were sitting neglected in my studio will be received and USED by those in Iraq.

And, I took your advice and gathered in a couple of the CDs by Kavisha Mazella ~ thank you for mentioning her in your recent post ... I will have many hours of enjoyment (I was only able to sample a few tracks during my lunch hour - SO looking forward to savoring ALL of her work).

p.s. Your teapot has received MANY excellent compliments here at my desk in the law office!

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Ha too funny Julie- I used to be a solicitor!