Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Circles

I am intrigued by the landscape from above- it is so different to the normal landscape one normally thinks of- you have to take imaginative leaps with the landscape from above. One of the strangest landscapes i have encountered from abocve is a small part of western Australia in the south, as the flight path heads towards the great Australian Bight. The plane has reached it's cruising altitude and the landscape is dotted by what appear to by water pools- in the weirdest colours- lots of turquoise and terracotta and yellow. This little piece is inspired from what I remember seeing from above.

And I have finally done it- creatd an album on my Picture Trail site detailing all recent work which is for sale. I would love it if you feel inclined to comment, and I am prepared to consider all reasonable offers.. I will also be adding to it periodically. There are also albums there of earlier work.


smarcoux said...

women you have been busy ... that is alot of quilts on the picture trail.... we are in frigiliana right now on holiday for two weeks wayyy heyy via espana
Sandy and Joe

florcita said...

This is fantastic! I was following links around and got to your blog but what I love the most is the fact that as a felter I am now working on a piece that -from far away- it looks similar to this you show here... with circles and colors...
I have to say Im very glad I found your blog because you make gorgeous pieces and I've been meaning to add some stitching to my glad you have books!