Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Teaching

I am back from teaching at Wattlepoint- such a lovely spot. I had a great bunch of people to teach- really enthusiastic and fun, the venue was wonderful- the windows of our work area looked straight out into the bush with lots of banksias and native grasses and the odd kangaroo or two, and the units in which we were accommodated were also lovely ( I had one all to myself- wonderful and relaxing)- with rosellas demanding their nightly feed of seeds kindly left by the owners of the park. A small walk and you looked out on a little jetty and water. I could have stayed a week! And it was beautiful and sunny so we were able to do a lot of the dyeing and transfer printing outside.

Now onto the serious business of sewing up a storm adding some extra stitched onto my Concours piece for Ste Marie aux Mines before sending it off tomorrow and working on the Caravanserai book, I have been lagging behinfd in writing the text- when it actually comes to putting pen to paper- I get this awful feeling of what do I have to say?? I have written the intro and the first 8 pages so that is a start but....gaping emptinesss....


Aussie Jo said...

Beautiful photos Dijanne, I must google Wattlepoint and check it out.
Looking forward to seeing your book and stitching
P.S. Is the dyeing workshop in Leopold still a goer??

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Yes the dyeing workshop inLeopold is still a goer- and I am also doing worshops in Colac on the weekend preceding the Melbourne cup- transfer dyeing and stitching- 2 days