Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Winter's Walk


Thank you for alll the psoitive comments about my forest quilt- I really appreciate it.And Shirley- ik weet nog hoe je stond te kijken naar de stof- welke te kiezen??? I tried to do some sewing today, but had other things to catch up as well, so got very little done.

I have been incommunicado for a few days as I had to take my kids to Blairgowrie to keep my mother-in-law company for a few days. She has just been released from hospital after two months there, and my sister-in-law was busy with children school holiday activity.

I got very little sewing done-in fact none at all despite taking some dollies to sew.My eldest daughter and I went for a walk on the back beach on Monday afternoon- it was a beautiful clear winters day- the colours simply magic.And look at that lone surfer- we wathced him for awhile and he did put on a two wetsuits to keep out the cold. His faithful blue heeler dog sat bedside his bag whilst he went out to catch a wave.

And my blog counter with the flags seemed to come to a screaming halt at 120 countries- and nothing changed for 6 weeks- and then in a matter of a week 3 new countries! Wow!! And really really seriously- I would love to know how you got here- through textiles or other means? And then there are the faithful viewers- I don''t know who you are but I do know where you are from.
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Deb Lacativa said...

Yours was the first blog I ever read and continue to read. So far away that you might be on another planet yet day to day, we all seem to face the same challenges.

Deb L. in Atlanta,GA, USA

Shirley said...

love the pictures, the one left under looks like it has led-lights implanted.Magic indeed.☺

Anonymous said...

slaway enjoying your work and seeing it develop.

Anonymous said...

and sorry about the spelling of always.... typing not being my strengths.

catsmum said...

Didn't even notice the surfer. Too busy soaking up the seaside colours and textures. Just a wee bit different from up here in Castlemaine.