Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Forest views


About a month ago I showed some photos of green forest fabric I had dyed. Nothing much happened to them and I sold some as well. I put them aside and forgot about them untilt he other day. I am on a forest roll at the moment- and decided I may as well quilt this one, as I had nothing better to do and am still scrabbling around for ideas to develop.I can kind of feel it in my finger tips- but it hasn't quite come out yet- so I have found it's better to be doing something than to sit and wait. And as the last two days have been sunny, suddenly my mood is a bit lighter as well and I can actually think of doing something.

And I notice Susan Iacone left a mesage to my previous post- yes the beach is quite different to Castlemaine- but I remember years ago in a talk you gave - when I was still a novice you said "If in doubt quilt it to death!" I certainly took that lesson on board LOL! Actually I think that the difference between quilting and embroidery is decidedly starting to blur- which is for the better I think.
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zquilts said...

It's ethereal ...I love this one !

Beverly said...

Dijanne, I absolutely love your forest fabrics- I'd also love to know how you achieved this. The dyeing is scrumptious!!

I sent you an email a few weeks ago asking about buying your CD or book on all the ways not to stipple or meander. I don't know if it got lost in cyberspace, because I never heard back from you. But, I am still very interested in buying it. You can email me at

Patsy Thompson said...

Your forest quilt is I look at it, I feel as if I'm actually in that forest!

alicem said...

The quilted to death look works for me - this is beautiful.