Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pattern and Decoration





I meant to post these photos earlier. They are all photos taken in Damascus and showcase the patterning and decoration that adorn many of the older buildings. The first photo is of Khan Assad al Pasha ( where Across Australia hung last year)- it is an old carvanserai and has been kept in good condition. We went there one night to see some whirling dervishes who performed on the opening of an exhibition of photographs of them dancing. As far as I know it is the biggest khan in Damascus and it it is near Straight Street. The second is of a quite dilapidated khan off the textiles souq- it was used as a kind of storeroom- however the ceiling was rather charming. And the third photo is of some of the decorations around the doors in Beit Jabri- our favourite restaurant in Damascus this time around.

I would love to do a quilt about Khan assad al Pasha one day- it is such a wonderful building- and when you stand in the middle and and slowly turn around you can imagine the sounds and rumblings of yesteryear- the little shops , the little food stalls....
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