Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Taking Shape


Sometimes things take time to take shape. I spent all day doing what appears to be very little- and yet I am onto the next stage which is to pin the quilt top ready for some stitching. I am intending to do quite a lot of hand stitching on this one, and it is meant to be a companion for All the Sweet Perfumes of Arabia. The funny thing was ,I isolated one of the shapes in the silk brocade fabric I had ,with the intent of telescoping/enlarging- I was thinking silk road and Palmyra. The shape also reminded me of one of the shapes I photographed when in Palmyra- funny thing is whilst on the silk brocade it looked like a delicate flower once I enlarged it and fiddled a little it looks distinctly palm like- unintentional but yet so appropriate for what I was trying to express- the richness of the silk route- the colour and mystique of caravans.
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Magic Cochin said...

Hi Dijanne
I have tagged you for the seven random gardening facts meme. Follow this link


dinahmow said...

Hi! I came here via Purple Podded Peas (a tenuous print connection) and, when time permits, I'll call again.
Yes, I am a sometimes stitcher- and - gardener now on a postage stamp garden in Mackay.