Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dyed Fabric



I have dyed a few pieces of fabric this week in an effort to find some inspiration. I really need to be thinking about new work- but still have to finish the forest piece. I am making slow progress on the forest piece-too many distractions with school holidays and then there is administrative tasks which always take so much longer than I think they will and my work room is too cold to sit in for long.

I had planned to do some lino cutting today but that did not happen either.
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Leanne Hurren said...

Gorgeous fabric Dijanne - especailly the pink and black. HOw do you get the colour squares and black edges? Is it a folded technique?

Dianne said...

The fabric is gorgeous!! I really love the bottom piece - pink and black!!!

Evy said...

Loving those fabrics, they make me think of church windows. They glow!