Friday, July 20, 2007



I have been sewing like the blazers trying to get a coloured version of Seventy Two Ways done for Vic Quilters Showcase next week. I had entered my black & white one, but after making the smaller coloured one for the book I decided I like the coloured one much better so decided to enter it instead. It is exactly the same size as the black and white one, and I must have added in another motif somewhere, because when I got to the last square I still had one square from the original which isn't in this one.Not sure how that happened.Then I discovered that the quilts were supposed to have been delivered by Sunday 22 July- I thought 22 July was Monday- so some quick phone calls- and phew it is ok( thank goodness otherwise all that sewing would have been a waste). I also had to unpick one of the motifs at the eleventh hour as it was upside down- and it stuck out like a sore thumb.

It has been a bit of a rocky couple weeks so I decided I needed to tell myself some things I love instead of pondering negativity so here are seven loves to fill the week:

I love summer ( bad luck it is winter here)- but I can look forward to summer!
I love pumpkin soup on a cold winters day made from our own pumpkins and sprinkled with fresh parsley and a swirl of sour cream.We have pumpkins in the shed so this one I can do tomorrow!
I love books in all shapes and sizes- novels, art books, textile books, cook books,journals, hand made books.
I love the colour orange and I need to remember that as I contemplate the making of some new work.
I love fires- unfortunately we don't have a woodfire in the house, but we often have a fire outside ( unfortunately at the moment it is too wet for outside fires)
I love the movie Blue with Juliette Bincohe - it is so inutterably sad and I cry rivers watching it and yet the ending is full of possibility and even joy.
I love my digital camera, it allows me to share my world, my passions, my work and allows me to revisit all the special places I have been.
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Olga said...

Well, your hard work was worth it: the result looks great. And I love the colours you have used.

I so agree about remembering goodies when negatives creep in. I'm with you on the pumpkin soup - I love it with cinnamon as well as the sour cream - and I'm definitely with you on the books! I too loved Blue, and can still see in my mind's eye the stunning shots of the swimming pool.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

The quilt is breath-taking, even without knowledge of how much work went into it. Very peaceful. Congratulations

Monique said...

What a work; it looks completely different from the black and white one, and we can see how colours can change with different textures and threads; I'll get the book as soon as I see you in France

Anna Nowicki said...

It's just beautiful!

Magic Cochin said...

that's really beautiful - the variety of patterns are exquisite

so pleased you put it on your blog
it's made me want to do some stitching!


The Idaho Beauty said...

This is just too cool! Beautiful job and I hope it's appreciated at the Showcase.

Brenda said...

I really like the yellow/gold framing of each square and the vibrancy of the colours. This piece reminds me a little of the work of Aboriginal artist Lucy Ward. I'd be interested in knowing which category of the show you have entered this in.

kate said...

My favourite colours ... this is just gorgeous. It will win a prize. I love the organisation of the different designs.

PaMdora said...

this is really lovely -- but I think I like your trees even better. The stitching is exquisite and creates a mysterious mood.

Shirley said...

Oh the coloured cover looks great! I want to swap my b&w one now!

Alison Schwabe said...

Very inspiring Dijanne and thankyou so much for sharing with us so generously.