Monday, April 03, 2006

No the Wheels Haven't Fallen Off

I haven't posted as i have been away- first of all to Mossvale to teach for four days , but as it was a days drive each way that took me out of action for six days, then home for a day and a half and then teaching in Gippsland and a visit to my mother, and another four days gone. Got home yesterday after lunch and have spent all today moving stuff out of my work room so that there will be space for my eldest daughter to partially move in there. The plan had been for the studio to be happening by now, but it isn't and she needs her own space even though I shall be using it during the day. The other two children are now in the large room with those high sleepers/bunks that have a space underneath- unfortunately we do not have the wherewithal to build an extra room so they will have to share but at least it is much better than the utter terrifying chaos that used to reign in their room. The room is now a pretty cornflower blue with lime trim - their choice. However th eamount of stuf f in my room is scary- what did I think I needed all that stuff for? and what do I do with it now? Arrrgh

Sandy can you email me?? I have mislaid your email addie somehow and I can't get there through your blog.

Ok so the picture is from our travels- hopefully by later this week I might actually get to make something.


Digitalgran said...

Lovely to have you back Dijanne. I miss you when you are gone.
I do love those Palestinian Dresses.

Ros Ward said...

Love the pictures dijanne, thanks for all you've done for Across Australia. Just want to let you know that there is an extra / in Jenny Bowkers link, I'd tried it before and couldn't get it to work - today I had the time to look and found the problem.