Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Textile Pomegranate Variations

 I have been trying to sew small pieces for sale for the weekend. The first image is a pomegranate  applique- I did this for the chapter page in my caravanserai book. I had only cut it out ut decided it would make a nice piece on its own with a counter balance border that I had made out of the same fabric and painted at another time. It measures 12 inches by 11 inches ( 30 cm  x 27cm) and is for sale for $125.00US inclusive of postage.

The second image is another pomegranate variation-  8 inches square iand is also for sale for $50 US inclusive of postage.

I have been trying to clean up around the house- there are many deciduous trees and so many leaves to rake up, it was tooo wet to do it before- I have to burn them all before Novemeber the 1st as the burning off season ends on Saturday- hard to believe the fire season is already upon us when we have had so much rain. We have also been cleaning up the block of land- getting it mown- the grass has leaped- unfortunately no one seems to be in the mood to buy it- it would be so nice to seel it before we go away.

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smarcoux said...

wonderful pieces Dijanne .. really like the first one ....
hope things are not going to bad for you ... keep your chin up :)