Wednesday, October 21, 2009

River Red

It is turning into a horror week with very little work to show for it and plenty of anxiety. I seem to be having a bad bad run with cars- first my white Nissan Micra died at the end of last year just before Christmas, i then bought an old car which  was driven into a ditch during a driving lesson by miss youngest, and then I bought a replacement good car, thinking my eldest daughter would have it when I left- it's now blown a head gasket- don't know how bad it is- but it's not going to be pretty ,or good in fact I am dreading what it will cost. It is just what I neeed at this time!Argggh

Then I was booking airfares- I was getting one quote of fares from Singapore  Airlines website ( and bear in mind that  when we fly from Australia it is much dearer than for Europeans to fly here)- but the site wouldn't accept my card- and I had to contact  my bank, did all that, re booked and still payment wouldn't be accepted. I  re did it several times- over a two and a half  hour period- each time the fare quote was the same but in the end I had to go through a travel agent ( whom I usually use) and they had been quoting the same fare early morning, but after I had wasted several hours  trying to  go in through my Frequent flyer program, the fares had gone up by $200- so I wasn't happy. Singapore Airlines said because their quoted fares go fast- but that doesn't excuse about 2.5 hours of trying and getting the same fare quote each time. I bet their response would have been different if I was flying Business class- sometimes it's frustrating how powerless you are when you always fly economy class- it's like you are a meaningless number! And despite  having had sufficient points on various occasions I have never yet managed to get an upgrade either.

Anyway i did dye the silk piece above- thinking about river red as part of my waterways system- I am still thinking about it- the lighter colour is not quite as orange as I wanted it- I can repaint it, but I will need a nice sunny day for that- and none of this timewasting runnign around for bad news!

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