Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Fast Can Grass Grow???

Teapot and Rosewater Jug                                           Boabab Tree SOLD

The teapoit and Rosewater Jug is for sale for $55US inclusive of postage ( it measures approx  8 inches square- 20cms square)
The Boabab Tree is for sale for $125US inclusive of  postage it measures 11 inches by 18 inches, 27 cm x 45 cm)

It seems like i only mowed the lawn the other day and now it has to be mown again! I am trying to do some sewing, but the car debacle has left me a bit blegh! I intend to do lots of small pieces in this next week as well as getting the fabric ready for my next waterways piece.  I am tempted to make a big linocut also reflecting waterways so I can make a number of different prints , using different fibres.

As Laura mentioned in the comments of last post- I am teaching a masterclass in Belgium  in Essen on 13- 15 April 2010. You can see details on her website, but we will be dyeing fabric, printing and painting on day 2 in order to make original one off pieces ont he last day. There are not many spots so if you are interested let Laura know via the website link I have given- just click on workshops.

I am also teaching in Switzerland  16-19 June 2010 at Leysin- for residential workshops. If you are interested just follow th ewebsite link I have given..

If anyone else in Europe is interested in workshops please contact me . I have updated my workshop list ( i have actually included images and one or two new classes- why didn't I do this before???) We will also be doing residential workshops  at Le Triadou- near Montpellier- these will take the form of masterclasses where you will spend a week developing work-  class numbers will be  small ( no more than 8) so it will be intensive and  it will be a great opportunity to explore your creative process  and vision!.


Anonymous said...

I can recommend Dijanne's masterclasses - I did one a few years ago and it was great fun and very instructive. She is a very generous tutor :-)

Hope to catch up with you at Colac next weekend Dijanne,

(once of Coolamon, now Ballarat)


Your work is so beautiful. Hope you have a lovely Sunday

Carolyn ♥

ps. having a little giveaway if you want to pop over

Potiron said...

Remember I'd be interested in your classes in France, but closer to CHartres, I cannot to Montpellier unfortunately, it's too far!!!!

Let me know if there's anything opening up near Paris or Chartres area!!!!

Take care and Bon Courage with all you need to do between now and your trip to Europe!!!

Nathalie (Potiron)