Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Forest Fabric

Forest I For Sale $ 40 US inclusive of postage- 1 metre of fabric SOLD
ForestII For Sale $40 US inclusive of postage - i metre of fabric SOLD

I have been dying fabric these last days and did some forest pieces. I have done very little dyeing since moving to a rented house as I am petrified of getting dye on the white grouting in the laundry and  well the whole set up to dye is a bit convoluted- so it is not as easy as it used to be. And then there is the issue of moving to Europe at the end of Novemeber- I don't want to have to store too much dyed fabric- so I don't carry the stock I used to ( all of which imapcts on a small business like mine) Anyway I don't think I shall be dying too much forest fabric in the next few years so here is your chance to get some.

I am off to Melbourne in half an hour- to install the MY  PLACE exhibition at the Craft Expo to be held at the Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne. I shall be there for the next four days ( October 8-11) minding the exhibition, talking about it and I might deomnstrate how to do some printing and maybe lino-cutting. It depends  how tired I am as I am driving to and from Melbourne everyday ( that's about a 25 hour drive each way)

Then I have to come back and do soem serious work on my waterways work for Southern Lands and pack up a house and life!


FunkyC said...

Beautiful fabric. The texture is wonderful.

Judy Alexander said...

Great fabric! Love the colors and texture.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I am really enjoying your on-line lino cutting course, I am a bit behind due to life getting in the way, as it sometimes does. Your forest fabric is wonderful. I hope your show goes well.

Paula said...

I like your dyeing, the forest colors are great.