Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Place, Fabric and Dreaming

Autumnal tones- For Sale ( 1 metre of fabric) $40US inclusive of postage

Multi Colour- For Sale ( i1metre of fabric ) $40US inclusive of postage

I spent the weekend at Craft Expo- minding the My Place exhibition which was much admired. I also caught up with a number of people from Finley High School- for years I never see s soul from this school and then suddenly on one weekend I run into three different people who all  hail form the Riverina.

MY PLACE- Last  Chance to see it!!

There is only one more opportunity to see this exhibition in Australia when it will be shown at COPACC in Colac ( which is my local biggish town) on 31st October and 1 November. Entry is a gold coin donation. There will also be a champagne Opening on Friday 30 October at 6 pm and I will give a floor talk as well. There are still a few place left in my master class I am teaching on Saturday and Sunday- we will be transfer painting and printing on lutradur and will sttich the pieces thus created. This will be the last workshop I do in Australia for quite some time- at least until 2011 and possibly until 2012 ( unless someone pays my airfare back to Australia :-) ) I will also have some of my own work there- for exhibit and sale.

I did quite a lot of handstitching on my small waterholes piece- it's just about finished- as you can see from the photo a lot of stitching has gone into it and I really wonder whether it is worth it ?

Unfortunately I have had to raise the prices for my books for British pounds/UK buyers- our dollar is riding ridiculously high- and i realised with some alarm that with the postage costs also increased and printing costs I am barely breaking even in the sterling currency- sorry about this .

On another note- it looks as if the Syria Tour and the Arts& Craft Tour of England Belgium and France that I am doing with Creative Arts Safaris will go ahead. so if you are at all interested please contact Creative Arts Safaris and book a place we are going to have a lot of fun and hopefully will inspire you!
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Sally Westcott said...

The serial pest here.

I'm just about to transfer $25 to your bank for Lovely Lutradur. I've got some Lutradur and I'm really not too sure what to do with it! I love what you do with it and I've read your explainations on your blog but - think I've a very visual person! Needing help badly.


smarcoux said...

Nudge Nudge .. hey chickita wont be long and you be here... well over this way .. and guess what did you see Lauras newsletter ... we are in the same building in Essen in april :)
you must be busy