Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daytime Village Scene

I have been stitching stitching and stitching ,finishing the work I had started for Caravanserai some time ago but did not finish. I am taking a break as my back is sore from all that stitching. This was the day time village scene that I painted awhile ago and had not heat set the textile ink enough so that when I dyed the cloth the textile ink blotched in some places. At the time I was really disgusted with it, but some months later and I found that I thought I could resurrect it. I will be covering the moon with ochre coloured fabric as it bothers my daughter to have a moon in a daytime scene. But the rest has all been stitched and colour added with iridescent Shiva paint stickes. The round rocks at the bottom will be coloured in too. The colour of the binding will be tricky- I want to think on it overnight.

It sounds as if we are gearing up for another shocking day on Friday. The forecast for tomorrow is bad but for Friday they are saying 45 degrees celsius and a south westerly change with winds up to 50 kms. We all have our valauables packed ( i shall be packing the last of them tonight as well as backing up the back up hard drive)/ I am able to pump water from the river but I don't think the house can be defended on a shocking day .However meanwhile I am trying to green everything as much as possible and really soak stuff good and well. At least all my quilts or nearly all will be in Melbourne at AQC!
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smarcoux said...

HI Dij
Can you get an extra copy of the article they write up on you in the hearld please ... I need to have it for my collection.
Hope your all well


Kristin L said...

I certainly hope that your home stays safe, but I commend your pre-planning! I can't imagine trying to pack up in the rush of a forced evacuation.

It's wonderful how putting something away for a while often sheds new light on it. Your daytime city looks like you planned it this way all along. :-)

Melly Testa said...

I really like it! Good work.

Judy said...


I like your village scene very much hope the rest of the stitching goes well. So glad to hear you are not staying if things get too hot, take good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

in friesland worshop mirjam pet gevolgd, de andere 8 nederlandse dames kende je allemaal en iedereen denkt aan je in deze moeilijke tijd
ann vanherle

Eva said...

I do hope you stay safe.

monique 78 said...

I like this village scene as much as I liked the night one. You've done a good job even if the ink blotched, can't say where.
Take care of yourself and your family

Krekeltje said...

Hai Dijanne, heel veel sterkte de komende dagen,duimen dat je het nat genoeg heb gehouden en dat de vuurzee niet komt; mijn zus heeft ook alles ingepakt klaar staan, vreselijk wat een spanning! hugs, Shirley

Jackie said...

What a gorgeous piece..and what a worrying time for you.I hope all will be well.

ina said...
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ina said...

Hallo Dijanne,
Ik hoop dat die vreselijke branden bij jullie weg zullen blijven - in elk geval dat met jullie zelf alles goed zal gaan. We denken aan jullie, veel sterkte weer de komende dagen.
Ook namens Gertjan.

Venita said...

Dear Dijanne,

Obviously my geography needs a little nudge to know you are in the fire area--but then I suppose most of Australia is a Fire Zone--just as we had in Los Angeles. Long drought is so hard on everything & everybody.

Please be very careful. I know it is hard to leave everything and run but so many people didn't when they should and are now gone.

Sorry it has taken me so long to write as I said I just didn't realize you are threatened.

Much love,

Monique 78 said...

I'm a bit worried of your silence for about 10 days; hope everything is OK for you and I suppose you are in Melbourne at AQC. Take care.
Huggs Monique