Friday, March 06, 2009

Then the Rain Came!

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It is with some joy that I tell you the rain came on tuesday- what welcome relief it has been for everyone in this bone dry state. We had activated our fire plan on Monday and had gone to Melbourne, after the dire weather warnings- and the winds were indeed horrible, but fortunately they came with real rain on its tail.

AQC was busy busy busy- as we also had to activate our fire plan on last Friday- as they cancelled school busesI had to rely on friends to help get the kids out to a safer place as well as the cat- most of this had to be arranged by telephone as I was in melbourne teaching.

Another issue was the fact that the My Place quilts did not arrive from South Africa in time to be hung for AQC- and I am still waiting on them as I write- I still have not heard exactly why they are late- it seems they are no doing me the honour of replying to my emails. I certainly hope they turn up soon as they have to go to New Zealand in early April.

Have I told you how relieved I am that the rain came??? Life can get back to some normality. The photo is of the negative pomegranate tree of life tifaifai which I finished just before AQC so it could be hung with its positive partner which you can see here if you scroll down a little. Hard to believe the red fabric is the same colour in both pieces!


Catherine G 78 said...

So glad to read your post....Rain can be a so good news.Your tifaifai is very beautiful. I love your pomegranates.
Catherine G 78

tiedyejudy said...

Glad to hear you are safe... no posts for several days left me wondering! Glad the rains have come.

Monique 78 said...

What a relief hearing from you. Yes sometimes rain can be a real pleasure. After this horrible February, waiting for MY Place quilts isn't as important. I'm sure you'll receive them soon.
I love your negative pomegranates perhaps better than the positive, probably because of the warm colour.

ElizH said...


You have never heard from me before, but I love your blog, and in particular I am so pleased to read your entry, as I have been thinking of you and hoping you are ok in the fires. The My Place Quilts will turn up eventually.

Judy said...


Glad all went well fire wise and the AQC was a success, so disappointing about the My Place quilts.