Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Rosewater jug and teapot

I made some more rosewater jugs and teapots for AQC- it was awhile I had made any and my stock had depleted. This one is for sale for $40US inclusive of airmail postage.

We are having a big fundraising weekend for the bushfire victims in our small township on the weeken of the 21-22 March. On the Sunday I shall be showing my work and all are welcome for a gold coin donation entry at the Gellibrand Town Hall- Hopefully I shall alos have some fabric for sale and some other things. On the saturday I shall be down at the local store cooking breakfasts- but we want to make special breakfast at a set price. I was thinking maybe an Indian breakfast and spanish omelettes as the other breakfast?? Any suggestiosn of what you would consider an interesting other kind of breakfast would be appreciated!
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Kristin L said...

Your teapots are lovely as usual. :-)
I wish you and your town the best of luck with the fundraising. Omelets sound delicious. Is anyone deft with a crepe pan? We love folded crepes filled with lemon juice and sugar, or banana slices and chocolate hazelnut spread, or even something savory like grated Gouda and herbs.

Jackie said...

These teapots came into my mind last week as I had mint tea in Marrakech I thought of you!

TracyB said...

Always love your teapots!! Was curious how big this one is?

Judy said...

Hi! Dijanne,

Good luck with your fund raiser, and so love these teapots and rosewater jug pieces

Clare said...

I'd go for the crepes, they always sell well, or hotcakes, pancakes whatever.

Coincidentally, we are having a 'craft materials garage sale' on the same day as your fundraising weekend.

Monique 78 said...

I love your rosewater jug and teapot; the colours are gorgeous