Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Village Scene Lino Cut

Obviously I am not yet done with my Caravanserai work regardless of what I may think and what i should be doing. Yesterday the urge to create this lino-cut emerged, it is taking quite some carving and I will be interested to see how it actually prints-it may be different to the way I envisaged it. And yes I am working on devising a lino-cutting course to do as an inernet workshop.

Of course none of this is getting a climate change quilt done, which is what I need to be doing plus putting the thinking cap on to get hanging stands for my quilts this Sunday at Gellibrand- I am hoping to show the My Place quilts as well.Posted by Picasa


Kristin L said...

I have the same "problem" of having plenty to work on and then still coming up with a new, more captivating idea that must be addressed right away. I think it's part of how artists function. :-)

Alpenhimmel said...

I think there is something so intimate about carving. It really brings you "in" to your design. Enabling something sculptors probably feel all the time - a sort of melding the designer and the design together for that short time. This is really beautiful and the print turned out perfect.

Mal* said...

Wow! An ambitious undertaking and a beautiful result so far. Looking forward to seeing that linocut in use!