Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Traveller's Blanket

I have finally managed to put on all the squares of the traveller's blanket for Zenobia. However not all of the squares have been embroidered yet , not even two thirds- still a long way to stitch and then there is the quilting to do. But I wanted to do all the squares before I started on anything else. I still have a lot of things to make before AQC at the end of February.

Whether I will get them done is another thing.
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smarcoux said...

Happy Birthday my friend .. hope you had a special day .

YOu know who
Sandy and Joe (MOOOOOO )

Eva said...

Truly a work of art! The eye rests with pleasure on each little square as well as on the whole composition.

Ann Ferguson said...

I love this rustically beautiful blanket,

Emmy said...

A realy beautiful blanket wonderful colors

Susan Lumsden said...

I want to order your book "72 more ways not to stipple" Please tell me howI can order it. I am in the US