Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slow Progress

I am making slow and steady progress on my travellers blanket for Zenobia.It's been hard work in the heat wave we have been experiencing . The temperatures soared to 44 degrees celsius last week ( that's about 113 fahrenheit) and even with aircon the heat was almost unbearable. Then the whole electricity grid for the state broke down- fortunately they fixed that quick smart. It was the hottest three day period on record and temperatures are starting to build again. I hold my breath in this kind of weather as we live in a high fire risk zone and there is always some malevolent idiot out there ,who lights fires as happened in the east of the state last week. It was also the week thatI had to do loads of running around for school things as my children started school this week after the long summer holidays. Finally I have my days back!

And I have a load of work to do- so sitting and stitching by hand seems and feels like a decadent luxury- it doesn't feel like work, and makes me feel a bit guilty- i don't know why because in all reality it is work. I sit and watch movies and just stitch and stitch. Current favourite movie is the Painted Veil and Miss Potter- both have me sitting in tears as I work, and yet the tears make me feel better, it's like they are the unshed tears of the last few years- both are about ordinary humans with their human foibles yet also humans who do quite remarkable things - so uplifting inthat sense- maybe I am just an old softie! I am using domette as my batting/inbetween layer which makes stitching easier and gives a lovely suppleness to the whole.
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lisette said...

wow! you've done so much - it doesn't look like slow progress at all.
it's very beautiful

Eva said...

What a beautiful thing! I love it. It is like a memory album from another world. You feel guilty? About not torturing yourself? Oh, yes, we were brought up to doubt the merit in a work that is no sacrifice, but fun instead.
I believe that enjoying one's work is a sign that it is right. And it can be hard work, maybe for others. If it is only suffering, there must be something wrong with it. So if your work is fun, you are a lucky lady! --
I heard about the fire in the news and I'm thinking of the Australian bloggers whose blogs I read, and wish them the very best.
This is how blogging creates a sense of caring around the world.

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

What gorgeous colours

Alexandra said...

I might be slow but it really looks amazing.

Leisurely Lesley said...

Do try the salad dressing. You will love it.

Have only just started 'Rosewater and Soda Bread. I'll let you know how I go. Haven't read 'Pomegranate Soup' yet, but it's encouraging to hear you loved it.

Jan said...

Thanks for answering my question regarding what you use behind this quilt. I just love it, the colors, the stitching, everything. I have never heard of Domette before but googled it and have an idea now, thanks. I switched to rayon thread and that is helping with the bearding. next time I will use something besides batting. Funny how doing hand stitching feels so lazy, not like work at all.

MargaretR said...

That quilt is going to be wonderful when finished.
I can understand exactly what you mean when you shed tears for the last few years. I'm never able to cry when I lose someone close and yet at strangers funerals I can't stop. Human nature is strange!

Jan said...

I hope you are doing all right over there. I have another friend in your neck of the world and he tells me of ungodly heat and fires everywhere. Best of luck to you and yours!

monique 78 said...

How wonderful your blanket will be.Your work doesn't look slow at all. I like the gorgeous colours.
This morning (feb 8) I've heard fires had increased in Melbourne area.(looking at it from France, it's quite vague) Hope everything is OK for you.

ina said...

We are very worried about you and the girls in case of the bad fires in Victoria? Are you all well?