Sunday, February 15, 2009

Triplet Falls in The Otway Ranges

I have been hand stitching and hand stitching on my Palms of Palmyra piece ,so not a lot to show. I decided I could not possibly finish the second travellers blanket before AQC- I won't mention all the other things I have still to make. I really should have done a lot more work these past two months but it just didn't happen. Anyway now it is a matter of urgency.

And on Friday when I went to order my dye and printing supplies for AQC ( with some trepidation i might add as I knew they were located in the area badly affected by bushfires) I found out that KraftKolour had indeed been burnt down. The owners did get out alive thank goodness .and they have stated they will rebuild their business and have asked people for patience and loyalty as they try and rebuild in the aftermath.I have been able to source some supplies elsewhere but they can count on my loyalty for the future!

This morning my youngest daughter and I went for a walk to Triplet Falls which is about 20 kms from where I live. It has long been a favourite spot but it's been too long since we were there. It was beautiful despite the smoke haze which lay over the Otways from the bushfires more than 2 hours away. And when we got right down to the river level the strangest sweetest smell emanated- it smelt like pure oxygen to me- with all that forest and tree fern growth. ( the small photo on the top left is the view from my work room window and the bottom left photo is of a flowering gum on my block of land)
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Claire said...

Oh no! KraftKolour is my dye supplier too, I'm glad to hear they are ok and I hope they can rebuild their business. (not that I'm dyeing at the moment... but I'm busting to get going asap after this baby is born!)

Eva said...

This landscape and nature is overwhelming!

Kristin L said...

Those photos (and that smell) seem like fantastic therapy after the fires.

Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous photos Dijanne, lets hope there are no fires in the Otways this summer.
That is shocking news about Kraftkolour, I didn't realise extensive businesses like theirs would be burnt down.