Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not a Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and I won't remember it as a very good one , not because I didn't get any presents or anything like that ( and my girls made the cards and bought me the delightfully colourful footstool), but because I am shocked by the magnitude of the devastation and death toll of the bush fires last Saturday some of which are still continuing to burn. I shall be digging deep to send money and will also donate a quilt to the raffle which will be run by Vic Quilters for the duration of AQC to help raise further funds. Please dig deep if you can afford to- it will take an enormous amount of money to help the people who have lost everything to re-establish themselves, if that is in any way possible given that so many have lost family and friends and their townships.

And if you cannot help in any other way think of doing a rain dance- although Queensland which has had terrible floods would be crying no no - but we desperately need rain here.It keeps on looking as if it might rain but nothing happens.

Also spare a thought to the volunteer firemen, DSE officers and police and their families who have had the dreadful task of dealing with the fires, and then with the clean up- it must be one of the most gruesome and heartbreaking tasks that they will ever deal with, and all the other volunteers who have come to help in any way possible. We are a lucky country that we have people willing to give so much of themselves to help others.I hope that this selflessness will create the fabric for reconstruction with the input of much needed money
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Catherine G 78 said...

Happy birthday Dijanne !!!
We have seen horrible images on TV...
Every day I was expecting your post and have been very happy to read one on monday.
Best wishes,
Catherine 78

lisette said...

happy birthday! stay safe


f xx

Gina said...

Birthday wishes for happier times. I think we have all been shocked by the devestation in your country.

Ildi said...

Thinking of you a lot. In this part of the world we do not have such fires so it is almost impossible for me to think of such a magnitude. Let us pray for some rain.
Happy birthday, anyway!

Sonja said...

Hierbij wil ik je toch feliciteren met je verjaardag, je bent gelijk met mijn nichtje jarig die vandaag 20 is geworden. Het is vreselijk wat er bij jullie gebeurd de beelden op televisie spreken voor zich.

Cis van den Bosch said...

Ondanks alle vreselijke dingen die er daar bij jullie gebeuren
toch heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd en dat je nog veel gezonde jaren mag beleven.
De beelden die wij hier op tc zien zijn zo afschuwelijk. De mensen moeten zo getraumatiseerd zijn.

monique 78 said...

How tragic and shocking those days are in Australia; I'm so glad and relieved to know people I like over there are safe.
I wish you a happy birthday anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of you, having been through the wildfires in Southern California twice I know what an emotional time this is for everyone. Stay safe. Happy Birthday!

Aussie Jo said...

Happy birthday Dijanne.
We celebrated my daughter's 19th birthday on Black Saturday (Feb 7th) and so didn't realise the devastation until we turned the TV on for the news when everyone went home. Lucky there were no fires near us for we may have been oblivious inside in front of our airconditioner!