Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zenobia's Travelling Blanket

I don't know where the past week has gone, but gone it has. It is summer school holiday time, and we have had a few very hot days, which always brings with it a certain laziness and we have been doing more house setting up- arranging books and furnishings and a little e-bay buying. The bottom image is of one of my purchases- a side table/hall table in solid oak which I got at a seriously good price and the piece of furniture is just stunning. And I love the way my masrahbija inspired quilt looks with it( though I am not so fond of the wood on the walls, but oh well)- it looks as if they were meant for each other. The small blue glass pieces all came from Egypt and the glass blowers enclave in the City of the Dead. the small ceramic jug from a pottery near Chateau de Chassy and the boxes are from Morocco and Syria.

I have also dyed the fabric for Zenobia's travelling blanket. I am still not entirely happy with the colours I am getting here when I dye, but this piece I will work with. The reds just don't seem to take in the same way. But I wanted a "royally" bluish colour for a queen, as blues/purples were much prized in ancient times. And one of my blog readers sent the piece of domette which I have dyed as the batting for this piece. I can see lots of orangey/terracotta colours with yellows and dark accents as the travellers squares on this piece.

The other piece of fabric - the yellowish one is for sale- it is 80 cm wide and 135 cm long and the price is $32 US including postage worldwide.It is the light weight muslin which is so lovely to hand stitch with.
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MORNA said...

It's been a while since I've visited here, so I just spent some time browsing many past postings. I am in awe of your dying skills - such beauty!

Kristin L said...

That is a lovely vignette. It's so nice not only to see finished art quilts, but to also see them "in situ." :-)

Judy said...


Your table looks as if it were made for all your things on display, don't worry about the wood on the wall it won't be noticed with your lovely quilt.