Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Echidna Photo courtesy of Fraser Rourke
A Lozenge quiltlet
Garden sculpture made by Heinz Moritz

It is the time of year when the echidna's are active. They are monotremes which means they are only one of two mammals in the world which lay eggs but suckle their young in a pouch. They live on a diet of ants and other insects. It is hard to get a close-up of their faces as they are extremely shy and scurry away if you approach them. Fraser, my eldest daughters' boyfriend, managed to capture this photo of this echidnas' face yesterday afternoon when we dropped him off at his house.

The second photo is of a little lozenge quiilt I made to send to a friend- I wanted to make it quickly as she has quite a few sad things going on in her life- hence the size.It is very textural and fits into your hand.

The last photo is of a garden sculpture made by Heinz Moritz for his garden up at Berwick. Heinz and Gerda, who are friends of my mothers, have a gorgeous hand built house made largely from rocks- their first house burnt down in the Ash Wednesday fires back in 1983. There are wondrous sculptures throughout their garden and a vegetable garden to die for!

And today whilst I was trying to establish some order in my workroom and throw out a lot of paper stuff I have kept for years ( never mind there is still a shed half full!) I found the letter from the electricity authority stating that the electricty to be attached to my block of land is paid for! Hoorah- this was quite a relief as I had no idea where I had put it and was wondering where to start searching. It means my block is more valuable, as all that has to be paid for by anyone who buys it is the connection fee which is nowhere near as expensive as having power put onto a block.

I have also been researching places to live in France- I know I have quite a few French readers so any suggestions would be appreciated. At the moment I would like to rent just to see how things go, but I shall have a 14 year old daughter with me, so she needs to go to school.Her skills at present lie in Art, Music ( piano, guitar and drums) and English( oh and French!).
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Judy said...


The photo of the Echidna is a gem, we live on small acerage had have one that inhabits our garden, he toddled past the window only an hour ago.

What a lovely thought for your friend in a sad spot, something tactile to hold close, nothing could be nicer.

Good luck with your search for a house in France.

alicem said...

The little lozenge quilt is a lovely gesture, very touching. I agree with Judy that its being something to hold close makes it special. Wishing you and your family many blessings this year.

jude said...

i love that sculpture. it is like a stack of dots.

Maggie Grey said...

When Prince Charles married Camilla we were in OZ, teaching at a forum. She wore a very spiky hat and one of our students observed that she was obviously thinking of Australia, as she had an echidna on her head.I think of this every time i see a pic of one.

Lovely pic.


Anonymous said...

I love the stitching you used to boarder the lozenge piece. Would you please tell me if it is by hand or a combo of machine stitches?

Many thanks.