Monday, January 05, 2009

Forest Fabric and Other Things

Forest Fabric #1 for sale $40.00 US inclusive of postage
Forest Fabric #2 for sale $US 40.00 inclusive of postage
Forest Fabric #3 for sale $40 US inclusive of postage
Palms of Palmyra- stitching

I actually took the dive and did some dyeing the other day. I was a little apprehensive about dyeing as we are on tank rain water here as opposed to the town water I used to be on ( we can also pump from the creek- but I only do that for the vegetable garden). But i need not have worried- the results were good and these forest fabrics remind me of the early morning light shining through trees. I can see lots of light/misty coloured stitching on these.

I have been stitching on my Palms of Palmyra piece- it will take quite some time as it is a big piece.When the weather is good it is hard to sit still for that long- but my penchant for wandering outside may be a little curbed- sigh... Yesterday I went into the vegie patch to tie up one of the tomato plants . I was in my thongs ( flip flops for non-Aussies) and as I stepped I saw the tail of something shiny disappear into the foliage of the next garden bed. At first I thought it was a lizard but no it crossed the path and it was a sleek four foot long brown snake. I managed to scream and stand quaking in my thongs as it disappeared into the tree fern grove. I am absolutely petrified of snakes- fortunately browns are not as aggressive as tiger snakes ( which is the most commonly seen snake here) but they are more poisonous- and I almost stood on one. Needless to say I shall be buying a pair of gum boots today. However I did surprise myself in that I managed to scream- that might not seem to be the best response- but my worst nightmare ( and I do have these nightmares sometimes) is a snake encounter- and I always am mute, unable to scream. Anyway I have decided to use the sprinkler to water the vegies rather than the hose as the tap is not far from the house. The longish grass will also be coming down at a rate of knots!

Rebecca asked how much my Tears piece was- it is $225 US inclusive of postage- a lot of hand stitching in that one.

And Sue offered to get some domette or bump for me- many thanks! I shallof course pay you for it or send something in exchange. I am pretty certain it is called bump and I would love to have two metres of it if at all possible.
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Vicki said...

Hi Dijanne

I love your work and have been admiring it for quite some time. I was wondering how large are the forest fabric pieces and are they cotton fabric?


The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm with you on the snake thing. Here there are only small "garter" snakes which are not poisonous. But they are cheeky, rear up and stick that tongue out at you as if they were a cobra! I really have problems with critters that take you by surprise and then won't run when confronted!

Just over the mountain range to the east is the state of Montana, where we spent many weekends fishing along the creeks when I was a kid. That part of Montana is full of rattlesnakes, so I was told always to wear a hat in case I came upon one. The theory being you could throw the hat and the snake would strike it while you ran. Took a lot of fun out of the nature walks, let me tell you. I can only think of one time, though, that we actually came upon rattlers. There was a wide expanse of large boulders next to the river where we planned to fish. As we neared the boulders, we could hear rattling - LOTS of rattling! Needless to say, we went elsewhere to fish.

Oh the joys of country life!