Friday, January 09, 2009

Fabric and Water Lily

Hand dyed cotton fabric- 1 metre For Sale $40 Us inclusive of postage

Hand dyed muslin ( light weight pure cotton) 1 metre by 1.4 metres $40 Us inclusive of postage.

We have been away a few days visiting my mother. It always takes some time to settle back in at home after being away, so today we did a lot of setting up my new work room- which had been sadly lagging. I am afraid I am still searching for inspiration. But I need somewhere to work so I need a sewing table set up and a bit of organisation! It is starting to take shape and maybe the feeling that i can work will arrive at the same time!

I found some fabric I had previously dyed which is for sale if anyone is interested. I have one of my blog readers sending domette- I am so happy and I have some interesting things to share tomorrow- not my sewing but fun things anyway! But I did want to share this gorgeous water lily which was in a pond, in the garden of a friend of my mother's. I love the tiny teeny little purple flowers in the foreground- it just adds that little zing to the photo.
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Aussie Jo said...

Wow, that flower is just gorgeous, I assume its a water lily, is it in your new garden???
Now that would make a beautiful stitchery.

gquilts said...

You might find that having your space set up will allow you have inspiration and the ideas will just flow like a waterfall once it's done ..

LOVE your fabrics and your works


jude said...

i am interested in the muslin..... did you get my other email?