Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sari Silk

My friend Fiona Wright from Creative Arts Safaris sent me some lovely sari silks that she is recycling - aren't the colours luscious. I am not quite sure what I shall do with them yet, but they may well find themselves worked into some kind of traveller's blanket in the future. Maybe I shall call it my "wish" blanket as I would love to visit Fiona in India one day .

Ohh and on another note I will be visiting New Zealand in April with my kids for 11 days.We are really looking forward to it. My eldest daughter and I had some air points due to expire at the end of February so we thought we had better use them- we had enough to get to New Zealand easily. We had thought about Singapore but hotel rates seem to have sky rocketed there. So we shall be delivering the My Place quilts to Quilt Symposium in Wellington and wending our way back to Auckland.
The metallic medallions are tea lights cut and pressed with a biro- I quite like them but not quite sure what i shall do with them.
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Eva said...

The colours are so brilliant, I'm sure something wonderful can be made out of these silks.

aykayem said...

I saw this post with the answer before I read the other one with the "guess what...?"
They look amazing! - kind of like some far East treasure or something - I really do like them!
... I have access to a pile of tea light outsides (I can get some from work, because we use a few there, or from a friend who always burns piles of tea lights/etc candles for some odd reason) ... so I might have to have a fiddle and see what I can come up with - I can see them decorating the middles of quilt blocks or somesuch - LOL
(and I might try some with just the round bottoms cut out and see what they look like)
... that is if I ever FIND my sewing/etc room under all the mess that I was hoping to have sorted out by now ... sigh ...