Friday, January 02, 2009

Day 2 of the New Year

I was really pleased to receive a copy of the latest issue of Magic Patch in which they featured my View From the Studio quilt, plus I explained how to go about making a quilt like this. I like how they took the photograph and it is really not that easy to determine where the real foliage ends and where the quilt begins. We did lots of impromptu photographs when I was in St Marie aux Mines for some of the "how to" photos. I borrowed a new Designer machine from Husqvarna France, Magic Patch coralled in their photographer, and I did the sewing ( just as well I had fabric with me)- and people came from far and wide to watch.It was a lot of fun!

The other photo is of a poppy seed pod in my garden- they are so interesting and arresting- kind of a bit mishapen like pomegranates are.

I haven't any work to show as I have been stitching stitching and stitching on my Palmyra Palms piece- it needs a lot of stitching. As i have sat stitching I pondered on the fact that my ode to Syria- Carvanserai- really does contain a lot of hand stitched pieces and was further spurred on by Idaho Beauty's comments :
I am continually impressed by what appears to be your fearlessness regarding stitch. It is what sets your work apart and whether it is done by hand or by machine, it is always rich, fascinating and exquisite

Firstly thank you for that very kind comment, however a textile piece for me is usually not complete without the stitching - it is the "extra" dimension and allows me to add my own mark making personal touch. I think the reason why I have used so much hand stitch in the Carvanaserai work has to do with authenticity- so much of what i saw was made by hand in time honoured patterns and traditions, I wanted to relate to the process of the work , though mine is quite different- but I did want to be in tune with the process, with the feeling that went into creating the original pieces.

And lo the stitching has brought another thought racing into my head- Zenobia wants, needs and must have, a travellers blanket- you see she saw the travellers blanket at a banquet she held in his honour to recount his travels- she immediately saw how she could tell the world of her accomplishments and her tavels and battles- she has commanded colour and I am the slave set with the task :-)

However I do need something- I need that curtaining flannel for the batting( it has a special name which I have forgotten). The last lot I bought in England and it was such lovely thick flannel and sews like a dream and has such gorgeous drape. I dyed it but I have none left. If anyone out there prepared to send me some in exchange for something or I can pay...please please please???
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Sue said...

How much do you want? There's domette and then there's the more flannelly curtain interlining - bump? I guess it's the latter you are seeking. I know where to get it.

Judy said...


The quilt looks so lovely in the magazine.

MargaretR said...

Great piece of work and so sensitively photographed by Magic Patch.

Liz said...

It is a great piece of work and thank you so much for letting us buy it Dijanne. It is stunning every time we come into the room and is commented on so much. Feel free to visit it if you ever want to (and us of course too).

Liz and Philip