Sunday, November 23, 2008

What did I begin?

Work is progressing on Seventy Two MORE Ways- little did I realise the real challenge this would present when I so sunnily announced I would be doing this book. My goodness coming up with 72 more continuous line motifs has been hard work! I have done the drawings first because I needed to see whether some of the designs would lend themselves to a continuous line- so now they need to be sewn. My machine ( a Husqvarna Designer II) is still being temperamental- yesterday it was fine but today it is not a happy little vegemite- maybe its the driver? But the sewing will be done Tuesday all things going well- and it is the type of book that writes itself- so I should have it printed by the weeks end.So place your orders now so that you will get the book in time for Christmas. I can be paid via Paypal for those that are overseas.

The bottom photo is of a grevillea- this one is in the garden at the new house- birds love it! It has been interesting getting used to the morning sounds here- no crowing roosters for one- but a lone owl who welcomes the early dawn with hoots which sets off the magpies and kookaburras in unison

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ina said...

Hi Dijanne,
As you know I am also busy with machine quilting all te time and you can be sure: another 72 ways is not easy. A few years ago I started maken about 100 different ways - and during the time it is finished but another 100 ways? I don't know - to me a lot of patterns are similar. I am looking forward to your results, you are a great artist and a very nice women.
many Hugs,