Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Muslin Fabric

I am getting coy now- no more pictures of the progress on 72 MORE Ways- you shall have to wait for the book! But whilst I haven't progressed as fast as I had planned- it will be available in book form next week!

Progress has been impeded due to the fact that I have had to move things from my studio/shed as a certain person disconnected the power that used to run from the old house ( and for which I was willing to pay- it kind of blew the wind out of my sails ). The matter is complicated by the fact that the table at which I work is very heavy ( stops the machine vibrating) but there is no way it will fit in my Micra, and I have to admit it is amazing what I can actually fit in the Micra- and so I have had to resort to a small computer desk- and that is really uncomfortable to sew at. MY ability to dye has also become complicated- I will think on it in the next week or so when I have finished 72 MORE Ways.

So the photo is of some of the muslin fabric I have dyed it the past. This is true muslin- light weight and delightful to sew. It is what I used for my Travellers' Blanket. It is for sale at $35US a piece ( including shipping)- the width is 40 inches by 45 inches long except the orange and black piece which is a bit smaller but has had an extra process applied to it.

Ohhh and during the night my 200.000th visitor attended my blog- the reader is from Budapest in Hungary, please make yourself known to me and I shall send you a little surprise. Thank you one and all to my faithful readers- I have been despairing the last month because I haven't been able to write as much as I normally do when I am not travelling, but life got in the way and the lack of internet connection didn't help!
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Ildi said...

Dijanne, I don't know whether it was me or someone else, but I am certainly a "follower" of yours, and did check it out a few hours ago. In the past months, I have actually felt deprived due to few posts you have made.

Leisurely Lesley said...

Hi Dijanne, I left an 'anonymous' comment about a week ago, when I was at my daughter's. I am finding this blogging business all very fascinating and addictive, albeit time consuming. Hopefully, it will settle into a more manageable activity in the future.

It is all quite voyeuristic, isn't it? Peeking into other people's lives.

Anyway, hope to stay in contact.

Cis said...

Hi Dijanne,
When coming home after a trip I've read your blog. Glad to read you're thinking about a on-line workshop on lino-printing.
Do you still have two pieces of the muslin for me??
Not the orange/black one.'
Hope to hear from you.

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Dijanne - I am one of your many faithful readers. I so enjoy the pictures of your art but I truly love the way you share many of your techniques and trials. And I appreciate the way you share of yourself. Your writing is so engaging. I thank you for taking the time and effort to blog.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I'm not the Hungarian one, I'm afraid. My blog reading has been so sporadic lately but I try to make up for it when I get time. Some big changes happening for me (in my day job, not the exciting stuff) and not for good reasons either - I expect to be "on holiday" (translation=not working) over the summer.