Saturday, November 29, 2008

72 MORE Ways!

Well it's done- all I have to do is the satin stitch overlay grid and the quilt is done. I struggled finding motifs for the last row, and just as I thought I couldn't possibly think of anything more, all of a sudden a few more popped into my head with the end result I ended up having some extras. The book will be available next wednesday or cd- whichever you prefer. Prices are in my previous blog post. And Picasa now allows you to put print on an image, so I will have to fiddle with that some more. I wished I had done a few motifs better, but as I always keep telling people when we look at drawings of artists we are looking for their individual impint of what they are seeing- and so it is with machine quilting! And some forms are easier to do than others.Not everyone has to do everything exactly the same as their neighbour! And as Gertrude Stein once said : "The problem with having a good idea is that someone else always comes along and does it better." However that shouldn't stop you from having ideas should it?

Now I can get on with life and new things. I am inclined to begin another traveller's blanket, as there is still a lot to tell and to interpret- I was very taken by the dilapidated cathedral at Jumieux in Normandy, perhaps I could use the window shapes to embroider this time- views of the world. I spoke to Fiona Wright of Creative Arts Safaris the other day and she was very taken with the whole idea of the traveller's blanket as a way of journalling and recording travels- so it will be feature probably in her next newsletter.
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