Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finally Things Are Coming Together

Hoorah- finally we are connected to the internet and I can get back to a bit more regular blogging- I have missed it, as it seems to make me do the work so I have something to blog about- not a bad thing! I have been doing line drawings to explore more textures for quilting and could not resist a pomegranate one. The pomegranate/Persephone metaphor seems to be a recurring theme in my life- and so it is again, almost unconsciously- this time it is a new start!

And whilst moving stuff I found the above quilt which I made as the coloured version of my 72 Ways Quilt for the French book-alas I had made it the wrong size and so had to make another exactly the same as the white and black version. I am not sure what I was thinking. Anyway it is for sale in case anyone is interested . It measures 34 inches by 39 inches and is heavily stitched with lots of different free machine motifs. It is yours for $450US inclusive of shipping.
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Art4Sol said...

So beautiful...it looks like velvet!

Judy said...


So pleased your back on the net and quicker than you first thought.

Happy sewing and blogging