Friday, November 28, 2008

A little Doll Installation

I have made a little installation of the dolls I have been given, won and made.The first doll was made by Veronique Douillet, and the third one along is made by Belinda Schneider from Bel's Nook. The woven baskets are from New Zealand- one is a harakiki made by Maori women and the other is made by Tongan women- I love baskets! It's so nice to be able to display them in my home. I think I want to build a little altar out of recycled wood as well to display some other things I have collected over time.

Work is progressing on the book- I will be able to ship any books ordered on Wednesday arvo or Thursday morning. The cost of the book is $28 US, or 22 euros, 14 GBP ( and the prices include airmail shipping) and within Australia $25 inclusive of surface postage. I can be paid via Paypal- just email me. If you order now they will arrive in time for Christmas. I will blog the cover sometime this weekend.

Imagine my surprise this morning as I turned into our drive to ba faced with a wallaby! Unfortunately I did not have my camera- but it seems he is resident here because I also saw him one night ( or maybe it's a her) I will try and get a photo- they are so sweet. And then my daughter walking home from the school bus saw a koala walking along the road- you rarely see koalas in this area- and several other people have reported seeing them so perhaps they have moved in. I will try and make sure I don't go out without my camera- just in case I can get a photo for others to see.

And I think Ildi must be my 200.00th visitor ( so email me Ildi so I can get your address and send you something- and I rememebered I have forgotten to send my 175,000th visitor the promised present- life must have intervened, so something will be heading your way before Christmas as well)
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Kristin L said...

It sounds like you are settling nicely into your new place and enjoying uncovering it's surprises. Last year we had the opportunity to see some domesticated kangaroos and joeys up close and I was amazed at how soft they are. :-)

Leisurely Lesley said...

The koalas must be slowly spreading eastward. I have lived here all my life and it is only in the last few years that I have had koalas on our property. They make the most disgusting noises at night time when mating, and have been very busy of late! You wouldn't think that such guttural noises could come from such cute looking animals.

And no, I haven't tried washing machine felting. Not sure what it is. Will have to do some research.

Art4Sol said...

I love your doll collection and some of the baskets you've shown us...a very lovely display of your treasures.